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Stepping into Nuage means stepping onto a soft, fluffy cloud for the entirety of your stay - hence the French translation of our name, 'Cloud.’ Sit back, relax, and take in the pure peace: Our Beauty House is just the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving. 

Walk in feeling good and leave feeling great. With just about every beauty service you could imagine on our menu, we truly offer something for everyone. Each and every product we use is non-toxic and cruelty-free, taking the phrase ‘treat yourself’ to a whole new level.

Call us the all-in-one beauty spot, a little slice of heaven, your home away from home… At our core, we are all about making you feel gorgeous and confident in the most eco-friendly, sustainable way possible. Get ready to glow from the inside out — and give mother earth a hug while you’re at it!

Welcome to our fluffy cloud where the focus is always on you. Turn up the self-love and stop by soon!

Meet Nadine Gharz

Meet the founder behind Nuage Beauty House, Nadine Gharz. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada with a hairstylist mother, Nadine has always been passionate about beauty. In 2014, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, medically known as ‘Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia’. With her body no longer being able to produce the necessary blood cells to stay alive, doctors gave her just two weeks to live. Her slim chance of survival depended on an immediate bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. Nadine’s oldest sister ended up being a bone marrow match and saved her life. 

Now, over ten years since her diagnosis, Nadine is a permanent makeup artist, business owner, and advocate for non-toxic beauty. Nadine’s story is the root and purpose behind every element of Nuage. The ‘cloud’ meaning represents creating a physical heaven for herself after facing death. The atmosphere, the mission, and the characteristics of Nuage are inspired and driven by the good, the bad, and the beautiful of Nadine’s experiences. Despite facing unfathomable hardships, Nadine consistently chooses to see the bright side of life, managing her Beauty House day in and day out with undeniable passion and a warm smile on her face.

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